How exactly does this speed dating thing work?

When you arrive, you will receive a name tag with a number on it. You can also write your first name or a nickname on your name tag.

You will be given two items:
Talking Points Care – A list of conversation starters to help break the ice.
Rating Sheet – Use this sheet to mark whether or not you are interested in the person you just talked to. You will be able to make your choice discreetly.

Once you’ve signed in and have your nametag, talking points, and rating sheet – you’re ready to speed date. You’ll have a few minutes to talk to each person and will be given a 30-second warning before time is up. You’ll then have a chance to mark down whether or not you were interested in that person.

After you have met everyone, you just turn in your rating sheet and you’re done! Just sit back and we’ll email you the information for any patrons who were interested in you within 48 hours.

Who will get my information?
We will only give your information to fellow speed daters you’re interested in. For example, if you mark that you’re interested in Speed Dater #7, they will receive your contact information.

How early should I arrive?
We recommend arriving 15-20 minutes early. This gives you time to sign in, collect your materials, grab a drink and get settled.

What contact information should I give?
The only contact information we require is an email address. If you are unsure about giving out your personal email, we recommend creating a new email account in gmail or yahoo to use for the event.

What if someone makes me feel uncomfortable during the event?
Please notify someone in a Gem City Dating shirt if someone is being inappropriate or is making you uncomfortable. We will handle the situation immediately.

When will I hear back from any interested singles?
Please allow up to 48 hours for us to get back to you.